Friday, February 19, 2010

eHow Redirect Problems

Six months after the big eHow UK Scam staff finally started admitting the mirrored site was causing problems. Of course, this was only after at least five or six months of utterly denying that it was causing problems - meaning they flat out lied to their freelance writers. After admitting the problem they told writers they would remove our content from the UK site. Well they lied again - they decided to redirect all content instead.

That would be all fine and good except that the eHow redirects are slow - painfully slow. While using a friend's computer - a computer that doesn't have the same kick as mine - I tried to view an eHow article. The article link was a UK link, but it tried to redirect to a US .com article. The redirect timed out though because the computer was too slow. And rather than going to an error page it sat on the UK article page.

This UK page was set up with the full article, all ads intact and everything else. So if someon else, a real viewer, has the issues that I had, they might find themselves clicking an ad on that article. Guess what that means, eHow freelancer? You aren't going to get your payment.

As long as the articles remain on the eHow UK site in their entirety, there are going to continue to be problems. Of course, eHow hopes that freelance writers won't notice this since we have no access to information beyond a very slow, once a day or less updating of views and earnings.

What does eHow community manager, Rich or other staff have to say about this issue? We'll have to wait and see, but based on the silence to most other questions, I'm guessing there won't be an answer.

Prepare to continue to lose money to people with slow internet connections, those who hit 'stop' when a page is mostly loaded because waiting for all the images to load is annoying or those whose computers are a little overworked.

I was right. Rich gave an answer to the redirect problem on eHow UK and called it a non-issue. I guess everything's a non-issue when it means you can funnel more money from your writers.