Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Will eHow ever stop trying to pull the wool over the eyes of eHow freelance writers? There have been dozens of bugs on the site since I joined in December, many of the worst of which, - such as the publishing tool not functioning properly - have not been fixed at all. Then came the eHow UK scam along with a pathetic compensation for the theft of our eHow content.

Through all these problems the writers at Demand Studios (a flat rate fee site that provides eHow content) have not had the same issues. When you step into the Demand Studios world you would never think they are owned by the same company or that they publish to the exact same websites. One website - Demand Studios - functions, the other site - eHow - does not. On top of that, while pay is low, and I mean very low, on Demand Studios - so low that it's almost a kick in the teeth to journalists or freelance writers that have had to seek refuge there in this down economy - at least the site doesn't take advantage of its writers without letting them know. You see the pay is low as soon as you join, whereas eHow pulls scams to funnel your money, all while smiling and saying this new project is not affecting anyone's earnings.

The newest attempt to pull the wool over eHow freelance writers' eyes? For months and months the featured homepage content has been written by Demand Studios contributors. Previous to this there were regular competitions to feature content of eHow writers, and for those who thought those days might return please don't hold your breath. Demand Studios just released an announcement for the eHow Premium Homepage Writers.

This program is said to have started last month in January, but a participant of the program - in the Demand Studios forum - says she has been participating in this since September/October. The announcement reveals that $80 will be paid to preferred writers within Demand Studios to write content to slap up on the eHow homepage each and every day.

That translates to no more prize homepage spots for eHow writers. Good for Demand Studios writers - so good for you to those who got into Demand Studios - but bad for eHow freelancers - sucks for those of us denied to write for Demand Studios.

So, Demand Studios, eHow, what other plans do you have to bury eHow writers in your own pages? I know you don't think much of us in relation to your cheap, flat rate content, but really, could you stop kicking us when we're down?