Friday, February 26, 2010

And after yesterday's post you thought I was going to be done talking about eHow, didn't you? Actually, so did I. Or at least I hoped I would be. But, Rich, the eHow community manager, came in with an answer to the eHow UK redirections not functioning at all on slower internet connections. From Rich:

Re-directs are a non-issue whether whatever connection you are using. It maybe a little bit slower to process if you're on a 56K connection, but generally speaking that's what happens when you don't have high-speed internet.

But wait! That doesn't seem to answer the question I posed at all. I witnessed, with mine own eyes, the redirection not working on a slower computer. It wasn't that I needed to wait a few minutes longer for the redirection to work - and even if that were the case, why would someone wait for a redirect that they don't know is coming when they are staring right at the whole article on their screen, complete with money making ads (money making for eHow, not for the freelancer who wrote it, since we aren't compensated for eHow UK viewer use). The redirection just timed out! It stopped trying to redirect at all because both the redirect and the computer were too slow. So that left me just staring at the article on the UK page.

So Rich has once again stuck his foot in his mouth and told a bald face lie. Non-issue, my ass! I witnessed the issue firsthand, so don't try to pull the wool over my eyes.

It's always so easy to say something is a non-issue when it's your company stealing those extra dollars and cents all year long.


Susang6 said...

So if you don't have high speed internet then you are out of luck...I will go one better, my friend has basic DSL and she did the test for me and she said she could not open up the page.....Not everyone has high speed service, so I guess this is why many writers are seeing a decrease in their earnings.

Redirect does not work unless you have high speed internet....Thanks for the info.

I Heart KC said...

Tara, you may want to compare the eHow redirects with redirects on another site. eMail me if you want an example to use. (CD in Revolt group)

If you can quickly access a control redirect, then you know something is wrong with eHow's methods. For example, I have one domain that I set up a 301 redirect for to quickly open another domain.

If that stalls for you, then you know it's a problem with the connection, because eHow had to set up redirects whether they actually deleted the articles or not (NOT). If it doesn't stall, then eHow must have...uh...'accidentally' created yet another technical glitch.

Tara Swadley said...

Sorry, KC, didn't see your message until now. At the time this was happening I had checked with a few sites I knew were redirects and had absolutely no problems with them. I think it must have been one of those 'accidents' eHow had so many of.