Friday, February 5, 2010

eHow UK Scam Ain't Over Yet

I previously reported that it appeared the eHow UK scam was over but it seems that's not the case. A timeline of three weeks was given to remove all US member articles from eHow UK and instead redirects went up for all US content. Most were okay with this - as they should be since redirecting traffic means you still earn and you have a chance of a UK reader clicking on your article link from the UK site. The problem?

Not all links are redirecting properly. We're way past that three week deadline where we were told content would be removed (not redirected as happened, and no one ever bothered to clarify that that was or was not how it was going to stay) and yet some content is still blatantly being stolen.

People can cry, "You signed the TOU and it gives them the right to do this" all they want, but the fact is eHow admitted that they felt there was a wrong doing and were going to fix it. That makes them liable for it now when things are not being fixed. It was an agreement in writing from eHow staff that we would have content removed and the eHow UK scam problem fixed and it isn't happening properly.

So how is this going to affect compensation? Well, I can't answer for sure since I don't work for eHow, but my theory is that you'll be compensated on those articles that aren't redirecting properly up through January. "But it's still not redirecting so I'm still not making money on it," you may say. I think eHow will simply say 'tough titty' in response (and the milk ain't still good, it's actually curdling).