Thursday, April 11, 2013

I can't access Examiner's Community so I can't ask there, so Examiners who may read this blog, are you receiving less earnings than normal for the month of April?

My daily pageviews, bounce rate, time on page, etc. are all within normal ranges for what they have been for many months now, but my earnings are 50% less than they have previously been.

I was making $4 - $5 a day. I'm now barely breaking $2 a day, and that's with the exact same amount of pageviews.

Did I miss an announcement somewhere that they were coming up with yet another reason to slash our pay?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Memory Lane

Examiner is trying my nerves today. They’re doing a flat-fee offer for slideshows - $1 per slideshow, up to $5 per week, per title - until the end of the month - and so in the midst of trying to get this week’s batch finished off, problems just keep cropping up and CS is about to make me rip my hair out. ARGH!

Okay, enough about that. In order to relax myself, I actually took a stroll down memory lane with this blog. I didn’t realize I had so many posts on here. Most of them are about eHow and happened during the whole eHow UK, closing out new publishers and finally closing the WCP entirely fiasco, but somehow this was all very relaxing - maybe because it’s in the past and it’s a site I don’t have to ever worry about going through that song and dance with again.

I also found myself smiling like a fool a few times and so I hope some of you old eHowers who read this can get a smile from these things too.

First up, Larry Zafran’s earning theory for eHow!

I remember when that was first posted and how some of you, whom I shall leave nameless, but you know who you are, must have just stared in horror at all the numbers, and then asked Larry to do the calculations for you. And then all the jokes. Ah, great fun.

Really, this post just made me remember a lot about the forums and some of the fun we had. The games playing with the fortune teller primarily. I wish I still had the charts for who was going to marry who; so many love triangles, squares and octagons. I do recall that I was going to marry Q though... and I remember someone else was, too.

And then there was this post about the first announcements of eHow closing the publishing doors.

Good grief, I remember how insane the forums got. The posts were flying in at a mile a minute and I could practically hear everyone’s keyboards clacking away in unison. That may not sound like a pleasant memory, but it just reminded me how ‘this too shall pass’. It also reminded me of my conversation with Remi. I didn’t talk with her for long, because I didn’t have many questions, but she was so pleasant; it was the single best interaction I’d ever had with a person employed by Demand Media.

Do you remember when Redgage was brand new?

Oh, how excited we all were. How we all flocked around the Redgage thread in the eHow forum and congratulated and patted each other on the back when we won the $50 contest that was going on. It was so fun to see all the eHowers there and each one of us getting picked up one by one for a $50 win - yes, I know not everyone got one, but it was really cool how many of us did.

Okay, that’s enough of a trip down memory lane. Stop sitting there and get back to writing useful content!