Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Not to do a Contest: eHow Style

Lately, eHow has been getting a lot of guff - and with totally good cause - so you'd think they'd come up with something to get their bacon out of the fire, especially after the absolutely appauling attempt at compensating users for the eHow UK scam.

So they came up with a
Valentine's Day contest

eHow, let me count the ways you blew it.

1. Unclear rules for a rather awkward contest.

2. Leaving the contest unattended all weekend which meant questions about the unclear rules were left unanswered all weekend (but really, what's new? They don't answer pressing questions about the publishing tool being broken either, so why answer questions about a contest?).

3. Wanting the competitors to compete in public with their finds. Who's going to play after the first person appears to have the right answer? That's boring!

4. Not paying attention to entries, resulting in at least 4 hours of confusion over whether there was a winner or not.

5. Not answer the question that ask for rule clarifications when staff thought there was no winner.

6. And the worst of all, making a contest that could be over in just a couple hours after posting! How are you going to raise spirits when most people haven't even seen the post by the time the competition is over?