Who are you?

I'm Tara. I write online for my living while I'm attending college in PA. I have carved a nice little corner of the internet out for myself and now I want to share with everyone else.

What will I find here?

A variety of things. Everything will be geared toward the working online writer and freelancer though. Whether you are a newbie trying to learn the freelancing ropes or you're a veteran of online writing world, I will have something on here that interests you. Everything will always be 100% free to you!

Some of what you can expect to see:

  • Online job offers from reputable companies
  • Reviews of online job offers
  • Writing guides - general writing, general online writing and website specific writing guides
  • Affiliate sites to add to blogs or other online work
  • Advertising sites

All this is really free?
Everything is 100% free and if it's not, I will say so right up front. I work hard for my online money and I do not want to shell it out to someone else so they can maybe - but most likely not - tell me how to 'succeed' in the writing world the same way they did.

Sometimes I will find free samples or previews of writing guides and will offer these. I will never offer anything that you have to pay to access at least portions of.