Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When eHow began the merger with Demand Studios, they claimed that you had a 7 day window to keep publishing on eHow - April 13. This then changed to be a 7 day window from the time you received your login information from Demand Studios (and if you didn't get accepted or already wrote for DS you had until April 13).

My 7 day window is apparently still very wide open as I have received no e-mails at all from eHow about this merger.

What I have received is deletion e-mails from eHow. I've had articles deleted before - back when they first started making guidelines but didn't bother to tell the writers what the guidelines were, but I have not lost an article in many, many sweeps now, even when I did publish something new.

But suddenly, when I began publishing within the new time frame, my new articles are being deleted left and right despite following guidelines - I'm well aware that they follow guidelines as I'm one of the most anal people about the guidelines.

One was a recipe - A Wiccan Acne Recipe. I don't see how a recipe can be anything except a how to article; you do this, this and this and you get this. It was reportedly an 'opinion'. I'm not sure how a recipe can be an opinion.

The second was how to write a letter of complaint. I looked at a letter I had written, went paragraph by paragraph on what should be said and how it should be said. I even told how to mail it. It was "missing steps". Maybe I forgot to tell them to pick up a pencil and write on a piece of paper. Would hate you to try writing all that with your finger.

Another was a legal article - Creating a Perform or Quit Notice - done in the same vain as a few other legal articles I have written. It was said to be 'poorly written'. Knowing I don't write poorly and that I don't make many grammar and spelling mistakes I find that beyond impossible to believe.

eHow, if you didn't want new content, you could have just said so. You didn't have to make up weird excuses for deleting.

This also explains the perpetual stuck in draft/unavailable mode that everyone suffers as soon as they attempt to publish something on eHow right now. They're saying it's a 'publishing bug' but by now, we should all know 'publishing bug' is code for, "We'd rather you just went away, but we can't tell you that and save face, so we'll make up excuses for why there are 'problems'."


mommierose said...

I heard something like this was going on. This is terrible! I'm glad I hadn't tried to publish anything recently.