Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Planning eHow WCP Future

You may think eHow doesn't have a future for you because they are closing down the WCP forever. But you'd be wrong. Don't pack up your articles and take them to another playground just yet.

Old articles on eHow may continue to earn, but eHow won’t be accepting anymore user generated content. Everything will now have to go straight through Demand Studios. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the doldrums about the eHow and Demand Studios merger. If you were or weren’t accepted to Demand Studios, if you will or will not miss eHow itself, none of that matters. What you need to focus on right now is your own bottom line. Demand Media is doing it so why not you!?

First, you need to publish all you can right now. Don’t just pump out crap, but if you have half finished articles laying around now is the time to make the time. Finish those up. Set aside any other projects that are not absolutely vital and finish any half written how to articles or write up some that you have had in mind for a while and just never got around to. You have until April 13 to get in as much content as possible before eHow closes the publishing door forever.

But what about when that publishing door closes?

Edit, edit, edit.

I always wanted to go through my articles - and I did with a few - and fix up keywords, rewrite murky areas, etc. The ones that I did fix up saw improved earnings in just a month and most have become steady earners.

If you’re going to have all of a lifetime - or at least the lifetime of eHow - to edit articles then why not take advantage of it? Get the most out of what you already have published. Looking at first written articles is usually very helpful. This is content that many people used to cut their teeth; they didn’t know about SEO, about keywording, about backlinking, etc. Well now you do. Go put that information to good use.

What are you planning to do to get the most out of what’s left of eHow’s WCP?


bestmommy said...

Hi Tara,
Are you saying that we can add new articles until the 13th or just finish the ones we previously started? Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but I cannot find a way to start a new article on my account. Can you clarify? Thanks!

Tara Swadley said...

You can post entirely new articles until the 13th, not just finish drafts. I posted 4 new articles today - I did not have drafts of them in my eHow library.

You should be able to create a new article just like before. Fill in the "How To" box on your profile and click 'write' and it should go to the publishing tool as normal.

Also, as a note for everyone, eHow is extending the date we can publish to the 14th, I believe.