Monday, April 5, 2010

Okay, you hopefully know what is happening with the eHow and Demand Studios merger (if not, follow the link and I explain what is going on). But what does this merger mean for everyone who was pre-accepted or who separately applied for and was accepted to Demand Studios?

Some questions I gave to Remi, DS Community Manager, and her answers. (These are paraphrases, not quotes).

Q. Previously there was a 5 year limit for revenue share in Demand Studios. What is it now?

A. There is no longer a limit for revenue share. It was lifted entirely.

Q. Is the secret algorithm used for earning on eHow the same algorithm that is used for Demand Studio revenue share?

A. The same algorithm is used for Demand Studio and for eHow.

Q. Will current articles on eHow continue to earn as usual and will I be able to check them?

A. Yes. Your account will be accessible to you and you can check up on articles published with the WCP.

Q. If I decide to delete content from eHow in say, 2 months, will I still be able to?

A. Yes, you will be able to delete or edit articles that were published under the WCP.
And there you have it. Those were the only questions I really saw fit to ask. To me, this isn't a bad thing. I think eHow became severely overrun with people who posted spam articles, junkie articles, PLR articles (oh, you probably know who I'm talking about), etc. that they just decided to do away with the WCP all together.

By making people send in a resume to work for Demand Studios - have I mentioned I was denied twice by Demand Studios when I applied myself? - they will cut down on the number of really bad writers or those who just want to game the system. And no more clickfraud rings! Okay, maybe there will be, but I bet it will be easier to catch.

Am I upset? You bet'cha. They went about this wrong in so many ways, including having an article sweep today, which has me almost crying with laughter even though I haven't lost anything, and the brunt of the anger people are feeling could have been relieved by just being honest before. But what's done is done and I don't think this is a bad move for eHow.


Rachel said...

I think it's a smart move for eHow too. And it's great that many writers have automatically been accepted into DS. There were just too many spammers and unqualified writers filling their pages, and this is the only way to really eliminate that.