Monday, May 3, 2010

I complained a couple weeks ago now, that I had still not received an official e-mail about any of the changes happening with the WCP on eHow - an e-mail I have still not received - and told the community managers that I believed until I received official notice that they had no way to create a new contract with me - after all, if I was not informed of the new TOU through the accepted means, ie. the e-mails and PMs everyone else received then I had not been official notified. I also pointed out that my 7 day publishing window should not begin until I received this notice, same as everyone else.

This is community manager, Rich's response:

In the meantime, you may keep publishing until you receive the official notification that states that your transition is complete and your 7-day window will start once you receive that email. Thank you for your cooperation. -Rich

I logged in Thursday to post an article only to discover my publishing ability was turned off. Mind you, I have still received no official news of the eHow WCP suspension from eHow, nor did I ever receive an e-mail or PM - which were repeatedly promised to me - giving me the dates of my 7 day window.

Basically, I was lied to. Rich's word on that forum acts as the word of eHow. By telling me I would be able to continue to publish until the e-mails were received as promised means a new contract was entered into. That it's in writing makes it even more solid. Now, if this had been inaccurate or if Rich didn't have the authority to make such a promise then I should have received an immediate response saying this was incorrect - along with the correct details. Instead, I'm now being ignored when I ask for information.

eHow never notified my of changing contracts, though apparently I will be agreeing to them if I continue to use the site, and I was not informed of anything about the DS and eHow merger in an official manner - and really, official is all that matters; that I heard from a friend who heard from a bird doesn't really cut it in court, eHow.