Thursday, February 11, 2010

So after the big, long wait and after more than 6 months of problems with the eHow UK scam, including problems that are still not fixed for some members, eHow gave us that promised compensation along with our payment this month.

Might as well have just reached through the computer and slapped all your freelance writers in the face, eHow! That probably would have been more respectful than the 10% or less that most writers earned (that's 10% of a single month's earnings, not 10% of the 6 months our articles were being used without permission and after eHow staff said how they felt we should be compensated generously).

To make matters worse, not only was the compensation a joke, but it was put in with the normal monthly payment. Meaning if you wanted to pursue legal action, you can't just deny the so called generous compensation, you have to deny all of your earnings from January. This forces freelancers for eHow to either accept it and shut up so that they can buy groceries for the month or to deny it all and hope they don't starve (or can't pay their bills or whatever you might spend your monthly earnings on. Mine happens to be groceries).

Yes, you can use Paypal to refund a portion, but since you can't mark that portion as UK compensation it can just be brushed off as anything eHow wants to spin it to be.

eHow, QUIT SCAMMING YOUR WRITERS! Your shit don't smell any sweeter than any other writing sites. In fact, you're the only writing site I've been to that piles the shit up to the waist and tries to act like it's not there.

Just so everyone knows, and I'm being totally transparent here, since the start of December, my earnings have been down by an average of $2 a day and then advanced to being down by an average of $3 a day. After months of this, I got $14 and some change. You do the math. That is definitely not my $2 a day. And even being generous, as December is usually lower earnings on the internet due to holidays, $14 doesn't cover even close to what was truly lost.

I did not even get 10% of my average prior to the eHow UK scam. I got about 7%.

Now, where's the real money I made off those articles? Cut generous and other useless adjectives, I just want the truth.


GloryBug said...

IIRC, what Rich actually said in the video was that the compensation would be a 'generous estimate'. Semantics, but they probably knew people would only hear the 'generous' part.

The insulting part was to be told that it was not based on any logical process, but was based on 'popularity and quality'. Which could mean that the pot got split by giving the lions' share to the people who already make the most money. I haven't heard any of the big-earners comment on what their compensation looked like.

The board announcement by Rich was rude, especially the part where he advises people who are unhappy with their earnings to head over to the learning section and learn to write good articles. Julie's announcement wasn't much better- claiming that it was complicated because it was based on what's popular and quality in the UK. WTF?

The whole site is a joke, and it looks like they just want to piss all the writers off so they won't have to pay them anymore. DM does seem to like eHow that much anyway- probably trying to drown it.

Oh well. I'll be writing elsewhere.