Friday, January 29, 2010

Rich, eHow community manager, sat down with the general manger of eHow to get around to answering some of the common UK questions, aka the questions they should have thought about before putting all the freelance writer work on eHow UK.

Most importantly it was announced that there is compensation in the works for everyone. Even if you think you weren't affected by the eHow UK scam then you may be pleasantly surprised to find an extra bundle of money in your Paypal along with your January payment.

All I can say is, about time, eHow! This is something that should have been taken care of immediately if not forseen and avoided entirely to begin with.

At the same time, I'm thrilled that it's finally fixed and I can go back to not reading the eHow forum, so thank you, eHow.

And Rich, learn to actually communicate with people like a big boy. You are a community manager, act like one and manage people of the community. Also, please announce when you get answers and post them on the eHow blog. Not all people check the blog.

And now the million dollar question, do I think it's safe to start writing at eHow for freelance writers? I'm not sure. eHow is still experiencing extreme glitches and bugs, including not being able to publish half the time. So it's up to you, do you think the hassle is worth it in light of this mess?