Tuesday, February 9, 2010

eHow Fixed? We'll See

After the eHow UK redirecting issues were pointed out to eHow staff, it was reportedly fixed this Monday, Feb. 8.

I can't say after all this that I'm happy with eHow or that I can really trust their word that all the eHow UK issues are worked out. After running off with earnings for more than 6 months, only offering compensation after a month of beatings from freelance writers (and with the word spreading around freelance writer circles quickly) and now this issue of articles not redirecting as was promised (actually they were promised to be deleted, but that's also a different matter and a different complaint), I can't say I expect eHow or Demand Studios to act appropriately in the future.

Do you think eHow will ever get this 'international' act figured out? Or should they just drop it and maybe, fix what they already have?

Quick edit: This is not fixed as was claimed by Rich, eHow's community manager. Some articles are now redirecting properly when they were not previously, but many are still not redirecting. Some are also redirecting to "this article does not exist" pages when the article does indeed exist.

eHow writers, you might want to check to see if eHow is trying to pull the wool over your eyes with their lies.