Friday, February 12, 2010

So a lot of people are outraged that people are outraged over eHow not giving fair or 'generous' (eHow staff words, not mine) compensation. It doesn't make sense to me how someone who wasn't affected by the eHow UK scam can sit back and say, to someone losing hundreds of dollars a month - as many are, 'shut the fuck up and deal with it or leave'. This isn't an issue of 'I don't like what eHow is doing with the site', this is an issue of being compensated for work that eHow already earned off of and gained other benefits from (do you really think eHow UK would have ranked so highly so immediately after being created if it wasn't for freelance created content? I think not).

I wanted to offer some eHow alternatives to those who are fed up with the crap though. I'll put links to previous posts where applicable so that you can get a full view of what the site is and whether it might work for you.

Flat rate compensation: - A new AOL company that offers flat rate fees for titles.

Revenue share compensation:

Xomba - Seems more popular with story writers, poets and 'rag' celebrity type stuff. Used to use it just for backlinks, but am thinking of trying my hand writing an article there and seeing how it does. Google Adsense share.

InfoBarrel - Offers a variety of templates, including the how to format if you're looking to move your entire eHow library - or if you just need a place to put all those how to ideas you don't want to give to eHow anymore. Google Adsense share.

Pay per view compensation: - Not a site I would consider, but some seem to like it there. The pay per view is extremely low, the number of views you will get as compared to better sites like or Associated Content are very low. - Sign up for a topic of your choosing and basically make a blog. The pay equals almost a penny per page view. Hot topics, such as celebrities or sports, usually do really well.


Demand Studios - Owners of, but offers a flat rate and a revenue share model for freelance writers. The UK scam that so hit eHow's normal writers did not affect the writers who work for Demand Studios.

Associated Content - Offers flat rate pay and/or pay per view. - Mahalo is actually currently looking for people to write 'How to' content. Convenient, right? (and I mean that in the best possible way. Obviously they were watching eHow fall on its face). It's not on their site advertising, so the links is a Craigslist ad for freelance writers. Offers flat rate pay and revenue share.

My personal recommendations would lean toward and


RantinRaven said...

Thank You for staying on top of this! I would also add that anyone who wants to write foe Info Barrel can come into the forums and I will personally help tem promote articles. The only way I see out of this mess eHow put us in is to help each other. Again thank you for your posts on this and keeping people informed. (CWilliams)