Saturday, February 13, 2010

I think by this point in the eHow UK scam game - including the multiple threats on my life and people telling me to commit suicide for having a differing opinion - my immune system is probably shot all to hell. If you've been stressing over eHow staff's vague language, what the word 'generous' means when put into the hands of a big corporation like Demand Media or where you'll be moving your articles - or just writing at from now on - then you might be needing a little pick me up to get your immune system going again.

If you can't nip the stress in the butt - which is difficult when moving jobs or finding a new job even in the online world, maybe especially in the online world - then get a shot of Vitamin C in your water. Use an Emergen-C free sample to help boost your immune system.

To those who wonder, I'm not profiting from this link. It's just a free sample I wanted to share. I share a whole slew of free samples, full sized free products and coupons on my free samples in mail blog.