Friday, May 6, 2011

Leaving ListMyFive

ListMyFive showed great potential when it was first started. It could have done great things, but the owners decided to let quality fall to the wayside as they gunned to get as much content as possible. In the past this was a great idea as it worked for giants like Squidoo, eHow and Hubpages. Problem is, just a few months after the creation of ListMyFive, Google laid the smackdown on content farms.

While other sites scrambled to monitor quality and delete spammy, crappy, duplicate content, ListMyFive sat on its hands. In fact, I'm pretty sure the owners of the site haven't been communicating at all. And e-mails to support have gone completely unanswered.

So, I reached my $10 payout last month (and will get paid this month) and I just removed all of my LM5 articles. I will be waiting a week or so now for the Google cache to clear so I can post these articles up on the other sites I work for. I'm spreading them between and

I figure this is the perfect opportunity to boost my library without any additional work on my part.