Friday, October 28, 2011

Seekyt Scam

Until today I would have recommended Seekyt as a great start-up site; however, my Adsense profile never displayed the site impressions, clicks or earnings properly. I thought this was something similar to what does, where it doesn't show on your Adsense profile, but it does register as earnings. I even contacted the owner when I first noticed this and was told that it was normal.

Today I was told by a member that his Adsense profile shows his Seekyt impressions and earnings just fine. So I began to poke about at my profile page to try and figure out what was going on.

Under my profile and settings, I realized that my pub ID was blank. I tried to put it in again. It showed up blank again despite telling me my settings were saved. I contacted the owner to ask if that was normal and to let him know that if the site was broken I had lost 7 months worth of earnings and seeing as most of my articles are Halloween-based, I had lost a good chunk of money.

While waiting for a response, I continued for half an hour to keep putting in my pub ID using different browsers until finally it stuck.

The owner contacted me a few hours later and told me that the blank pub ID was normal (which begs the question, why did everyone I ask say they could see theirs and why did mine stick after trying repeatedly?) and that it was a security feature. And that if my Adsense profile wasn't displaying Seekyt earnings it was because I hadn't put into my URL channels. Except that I had, because I'm not stupid. And that right now I needed to focus on promoting my content and not worry about earnings because they don't come immediately (except I've been writing online for over 5 years and for that site for 7 months; even crappy sites show pennies after that long).

Oh, and magically, after getting the pub ID to stick in the settings box, I began registering impressions from my Seekyt content.

I sent an e-mail to the Seekyt administrator letting him know this and to not talk down to me as he had done in the previous e-mail. I let him know that this was proof I had lost 7 months worth of income since he was the only one earning on my articles during that period since his site didn't register my Adsense ID properly. I also said I was going to be looking for a different site to write for since I don't like being treated like a child or lied to (as that's exactly what happened since views only register after getting your ID to stick).

He told me I was accusing him of stealing (which is ridiculous since I was saying that I lost 7 months of income, not that he intentionally stole it) and that I should have contacted him sooner if I thought there was a problem (which I did and was told even then that whatever problem I was having was 'normal').

Beware this site. The administrator is absolutely useless if you try to contact him and will try to brush off anything you bring to him as 'normal' even if it's obviously not what everyone else is experiencing.

And to anyone who's currently a member, you better check to make sure you're Adsense publisher ID is showing properly and that is registering impressions on your Adsense page. Just because I'm the first to notice (after being told by staff what I was seeing was normal) doesn't mean it's not happening to others.