Thursday, May 5, 2011

eHow is Dead and Buried

The site may still be there and it may still show up in search engines (not that I used the site since I knew what bunk most of the articles were), but to freelance writers, is no longer the cash cow it once was.

Today, May 5, I received an e-mail that announced "Important news about your articles on". At first I held my breath thinking they were once again deleting content at random as they had been doing for months. Well, I was partially right, but boy was I ever wrong. What I read instead floored me, smacked me in the face and then kicked me in the ribs a couple times. eHow is closing down the WCP permanently.

It's closing down today and, unless you take their special offer, you will receive your last payment (for May 1 - 5, despite the fact that they won't remove articles until May 30) next month, as usual (even if you don't make $10). If you do accept the offer you'll receive your next two payouts on June 15 and July 15.

It's a logical step, but all this time we've been told our articles will remain posted and continue to earn. I feel like I was lied to. I shouldn't be shocked though considering the week before closing the WCP they told us there were no plans to close the WCP.


TinaAtHome said...

The only thing I think about the online writing world is that it is ever changing. The only solution is to write in many places and not just one.