Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Note: This method to protect internet copyright laws will only work if you own your website or blog, can add HTML to your content or have access in another way to the main HTML code of the website/article pages.

You automatically get a copyright on anything you create. If you post it online though, you may be at a disadvantage for protecting your copyright. There are a variety of ways people go about trying to stop copyright infringement. I believe that most instances of copyright infringement online are from people who don’t know they can’t just take anything they want online. This method can protect your internet copyright laws from such misinformed people.

I have always found the idea of disabling right-click, in order to protect internet copyright laws and stop infringement, to be a bad idea. Not only will determined thieves go around this, but you will be shooting yourself in the foot when honest people cannot copy and paste a portion of your content in order to give a preview of your content with a link.

You can set up your first line of defense to protect the internet copyright laws by ‘forcing’ people to take only as many words as you wish and requiring not one, but two backlinks to the content they are copying an intro from. This can be done with a website called embedanything.com.

Just give it a try. Try to copy anything from this article.

When you click copy a popup will appear offering a script code if you wish to use the link on your website or blog.

When the given code is posted to your blog or website it will insert however many words have been set as allowed, as well as pictures and videos if allowed, and two links to the original article.

With embedanything.com you have the option to set how many words you would like to allow to be used as an intro - this blog is set for 150 words - you can strip out pictures and videos - this protects the copyrights of some photos you may have received from free sites and makes sure people have to come to your website in order to see videos - and can even add an ad block (300X250) to the embed code - which gives you a chance to earn additional money even if the link isn’t clicked to read more. I chose not to have an ad block connected to any of the blogs I am using EmbedAnything on; I feel generally uncomfortable forcing ad blocks on people, and I figure the two backlinks are payment enough for an intro only.


JadeDragon said...

Helpful article on copyright protection. I love the idea of giving an ad block to the person copying, but would be concerned about displaying my adsense code on the site of someone who might be violating adsense terms.