Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paid Surveys Reviews:

Top Paid Surveys - You earn $3 per survey that you complete. The great thing is, if they give you the survey, you are automatically qualified for it. No answering questions for half an hour just to be told you don’t qualify and get nothing. They pay with Paypal on the following business day of completing the survey. You also can get free promotional freebies to test and then another $3 to tell them what you think about the product you just tried for free. Must register through banners and referral links. Range of earnings varies greatly from $2.50 up to $50 or more. The problem with opinion outpost is that you probably won’t qualify for even half the surveys they offer to you, no matter how up-to-date and accurate your profile information is, and you will walk away with nothing if you test out of the survey. In the end, the rewards can outweigh all the times you test out and get nothing, but it can definitely be frustrating. Minimum payout of $15 for a check or $5 for an Amazon gift card. Other donation and payment options have been added recently.

Buzzback: Pays through Paypal with a minimum payout of $15. There are not many surveys available and there are no profiles to complete, so I'm not sure how they decide which surveys to give you. Unless they just give you all of them, which means you will be disqualified from 99% of the surveys they give. Currently in testing.

Surveyhead: Like Opinion Outpost, Survey Head poses the problem of not qualifying for half the surveys you begin to take. Survey Head offers more benefits though since it has only a $50 minimum payout paid through Paypal. *t also offers a $5 signup bonus. The profiles you need to complete for all survey sites (usually for free) are worth $2.35, putting you that much closer to your first payout. Prior to $50 you can get magazine subscription prizes at lower levels.

Top Points Surveys - Point rewards range from 5 for testing out of a survey to 200 for more personal surveys (think periods, yeast infections, etc.). Points can be used to purchase kitchen supplies, magazines, movies, books and much more from the Zoompanel catalog. Range of pay varies from 25 cents to $50 (the highest I’ve encountered and qualified for so far). You may be disqualified for surveys they invite you to take, but you never walk away empty handed and I have never taken more than 5 minutes to test out of their surveys. You can turn the erewards money they give you into magazine subscriptions, gift cards and much more. I have been getting Gamestop gift cards. Can only join if you are invited by Gamestop, J. C. Penny or other companies that work with Erewards.

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