Friday, March 26, 2010

Last week, eHow released a thread on the forum where a community manager, Julie, gave some dates for eHow site fixes.

Well nothing was fixed at the end of the week as the timeline said. And when I say nothing, I mean, absolutely nothing was fixed as promised.

So the date on the thread was changed to be for the week of the 22nd, and all the issues and their promised fix dates were left exactly the same:

  • Photo Upload Issue (problem with image upload tool and photos disappearing from articles) - fixes to be released by the end of this week

  • I Did This (problem with editing IDT or Save & Preview) - fixes to be released by end of this week

  • Unavailable Article Status (excluding Unavailable Status due to edits) - fixes to be released by end of this week

  • Edit/Publish Article then page that keeps redirecting - fixes to be released next week

  • It's Friday once again and not a single one of the 'by the end of the week' fixes are out.

    So I guess they'll just be changing the date and leaving everything the same as before. Last I checked, by the end of this week is supposed to mean by the end of the first week you posted it, not by the end of whatever new date you choose to put on it. At least hold yourselves accountable, eHow, for fixing one thing on the 'by the end of this week' list.