Thursday, March 18, 2010

eHow Fixes and Solutions

Sorry I missed this at the beginning of the week when it was published. eHow's forum is harder than ever to navigate with all the bugs and with almost no communication - other than poor, lone Julie, eHow community manager, trying to put out fires left and right - I wasn't really looking for anything like this.

This was posted on Monday, March 15. So keep in mind, the end of this week means March 19, Friday, when eHow staff gets off work.

  • Photo Upload Issue (problem with image upload tool and photos disappearing from articles) - fixes to be released by the end of this week

  • I Did This (problem with editing IDT or Save & Preview) - fixes to be released by end of this week

  • Unavailable Article Status (excluding Unavailable Status due to edits) - fixes to be released by end of this week

  • Edit/Publish Article then page that keeps redirecting - fixes to be released next week

  • So tomorrow is the end of the week and I have not seen any of the 'by the end of this week' fixes rolled out. So that means tomorrow, probably right before they get off work, they're going to try to roll out the three patches to the system. Whether it works, they probably won't care until they get into work again on Monday.