Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Listmyfive Earnings

Listmyfive.com is a new Internet writing platform for freelancers who want to write in the Top 5 format. The lists are fun and simple. Like eHow or a variety of other websites, Listmyfive keeps the earnings algorithm a secret, though they claim it is based off a large number of variable factors, including incoming links, ad revenue share, views, and  few other things. 

This is similar to eHow's earnings claims, but unlike eHow, I actually believe that Listmyfive is taking all these things into account. It seems most people are bound and determined to think we're earning a penny per ad click - which is silly considering we have no idea when an ad is clicked unless you're clicking your own ads or are part of a clickfraud ring. 

But, I have proof to accompany my theory, which is that Listmyfive earnings are based, at the very least, on views first - a few pennies here and there for quality views, ie. staying a certain period of time or navigating elsewhere on the site rather than the back button - and based on ad revenue share second. 

I've blacked out the title of the article, because that's not really anyone's business but my own, and sorry for the gray marks over the stats; I had it highlighted when I did a screen shot and it came out with the highlighting intact. Oops. Either way, here it is. Views, comments, star rating and earnings. Clearly we make more than a penny a click or a penny per view or whatever it is people are currently theorizing we make.

This article earned 28 cents on its third day of existence. A friend told me he clicked an ad - after some serious probing and questions of 'how did you find this nifty website' and answers of 'one of the links on your article' - and so I watched to see if anything ever showed as significant earnings on the article. Two days after he clicked something, 28 cents appeared, which is within norms of an ad click on this particular keyword phrase. The article was still displaying only one view.

Over the next few weeks, the article has only accumulated a handful of views and only 2 more cents.

No matter how you slice it though, there is no Earthly way this article was earning a penny per click - which would require the amount earned to be a good deal less than the views. Instead, I have 11 cents more in Listmyfive earnings than the number of views on this article.

Listmyfive has remained silent about earnings, but I suspect they will continue to do so, and I only imagine them breaking silence to say, 'please see our FAQ which lays out our payment algorithm' which is the most annoying non-answer ever. If they wanted the algorithm to be transparent they would have made it that way to start with.

Edit: LM5 staff updated information available shortly after I made this post. My theory about Listmyfive earnings was confirmed.

Payments - why do I see a penny here and a penny there? We have explained this a couple of times before, but let me make it a bit more clear. We pay a percentage of the clicks that google adsense reports to us. If they don't report a click, they must have deemed it a fraudulent click. Some clicks are a penny, but most legitimate clicks are much more than that. We don't only pay on clicks though. We use many other variables, it is not a trivial algorithm, it is well thought out, and benefits those that benefit LM5 the most. If you see a penny here and penny there, you were most likely paid from the algorithm and not an ad click. The algorithm can pay much more than a penny here and there as well. Also, the views you see, are not used in the algorithm, they are views for your convenience, to see traffic increases through your online efforts. As you all know, we are a new site, and the amount of traffic we receive from search engines is still relatively low, but it is definitely increasing steadily. With time, as many of you have mentioned and deduced already, search engine traffic will increase dramatically. We need strong solid users initially to make that a future reality. We feel we have a great core of users, and we are very grateful for them.


Kidgas said...

It is amazing to see the number of users from eHow at LM5. Having an enthusiastic base will rapidly increase the authority of the site and benefit all of those who are participating. I have seen the penny earnings and can tell when an ad click occurs as well. As with anything, the more you put in, the more you will get out.