Wednesday, October 27, 2010 Earnings

After doing my last post about almost being a scam, I have found myself skyrocketed into the top 5 of my local examiners. No, the post had nothing to do with this raise, it just happened to happen. Halloween is what is giving me this raise, as I have a variety of Halloween articles on Examiner, including How to do Punk Zombie Makeup.

What I wanted to talk about was my earnings while I have been in these top 5 examiners within my area. Because what I'm seeing really makes me cringe, not to mention doubt all the people who claim to easily make the $25 payout each month. Oh, I'm sure many national examiners do, but unless my area is unusually low in receiving views from other areas, not as many people who claim to make payout are doing so.

Usually it takes me two months to make $25 with 51 articles.

Now that I'm in the top 5, I'm on target to make about $30 for October. Yes, I have made payout, so it's at least something to celebrate. However, check out my earnings page.

Yes, a whopping 252 views for one day and only making $1.63. This is from a few days ago when I first got onto the top 5 in Pittsburgh list, but the views have only gone higher while the money has stagnated. As of today, I got 435 views and only $2.30 in earnings.

As if that weren't enough to make you sad, I want to point out that since I'm in spot 4 - spot 3 now - that means I am earning more money than everyone from spot 5 down. Since I, in spot 4, am just slightly over payout, that implies that most people in the Pittsburgh area are not regularly making payout.