Friday, April 2, 2010

Traffic Bug 30 Day Trial

Have you not been getting enough visits to your websites? Tired of doing all that tedious social bookmarking by hand? Not even sure how many bookmarking sites are out there? You may be using five or six, but there are hundreds of them. Not to mention, did you know that sometimes submitting to a search engine can get you found faster? Oh, the time you'll spend doing all these things. Want a way to do it in the most efficient way?

Try Traffic Bug.

Traffic Bug will submit all websites, eHow articles, InfoBarrel articles, etc. to more than 100 search engines, 100's of bookmarking sites, RSS feed sites and even more! Traffic Bug submits your links in a slow, methodical fashion depending on the settings you give it - high aggression, medium or low - so that it appears to be natural bookmarking and submission.

Best of all, you can try Traffic Bug for 30 days without paying a dime! If you do nothing else, get this 30 day trial period of Traffic Bug and make time. Sit down and submit anything and everything you have ever written online or anything you are trying to sell online. After 30 days you won't get all the benefits of Traffic Bug, as it won't be done submitting in just 30 days, but you will get a lot of benefits. And if you like it or you have a lot more to submit, consider buying it and giving this product a real run for your money.