Friday, April 2, 2010

You can get the 22 Day Internet Bootcamp for just $22. That's $1 a day and you get 22 Video tutorials that cover niche and keyword research, wordpress optimization, traffic generation, salespages, conversions, and a whole lot more. (Want a secret? I just paid twice that much for just one month of access to the same type of information - and they want to charge me that amount every month for continued access to the information. One guess who I'm demanding a refund from.) On top of that, there are 22 case studies that look at specific websites around the web and give all kinds of information about them.

Better yet? You can get the first day of Bootcamp training absolutely free just to see if you think it's right for you. If you do nothing else, get the free first day of Bootcamp just to get some additional information under your belt. On top of that one free day of bootcamp, you also get to hear the top 10 marketing mistakes being made by newbies - and even some oldies.

To get that free 10 marketing mistakes you just need to put in your e-mail address. You do NOT need to verify the e-mail account or anything. The top 10 mistakes is just on the very next page waiting for you. So enjoy. If you don't like how that's done, then just move on without confirming your subscription.