Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Club Bing: Gifts to Play

Okay, I've been so tired lately. College is draining me, I can barely think to work, I'm helping someone move, I'm thinking about my schedule next year, I'm thinking about my graduation next year and whether I'll be making enough money to live on my own when I graduate.

Yeah, I'm stressed. And the last thing I need to do is sit and work some more. We've all been in this basket, right? (Don't tell me I'm alone in this, I'll know you're lying). I used to visit to play games like Word Wrangle and other word gmes (even when not working I like to think, apparently). But, I just found Club Bing which is a game site hosted by Bing. They give you tickets for playing games and you can turn these tickets into items.

So, go take a break, play some Chicktionary or Ding Bats and win yourself a hammock! No, it won't be all in one sitting that you'll win something, but good things take time and this isn't a get things now scheme or anything. It's just a fun way to pass time and eventually be rewarded for it.

Go have fun!