Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I realized after I posted about the Squidoo Myths Exposed free eBook that I ought to have given you a link to Squidoo first. So here it is- get your own Squidoo account today, they are always looking for freelance writers. Squidoo allows you to create entire pages, as if it were a mini single page website. You overview whatever you want and are paid based on a variety of things, including: unique visitors, revisits, purchases from modules, click outs, star ratings, etc. It's a secret algorithm but all these things do play a role.

If you want a longer review of my own feelings about Squidoo, check here. I'll be very honest and upfront about the fact that I no longer like Squidoo like I once did. This is right for some people though, so pop over and make a lense.