Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pick up your free copy of the hit book that will help you build lenses
My First Lens

Avoid The Squidoo Slap...

Okay, I want to start by saying, this was one of the first free writing guides I actually picked up. I'll also freely admit that I was absolutely disgusted with this! This ebook attempts to play on the fears of people who are unsure of the changes Squidoo was making last month or so.

These changes were hardly earth shattering and were fairly easy to understand if you went straight to the actual source: you know, Squidoo, the people making the changes? That would be and was my first stop for answers. Thankfully I got my answers before reading this.

This ebook is filled with inaccuracies including calling out a lens that had 40 some odd Zazzle links on it. The ebook claims that it will be deleted for having too many outbound links. Wrong! Zazzle is first, white listed and second, it was located in a Zazzle module. They are not limiting the outbound links based on their own profit modules.

There are so many other places that are purely laughable and honestly, I cannot remember a single part of this ebook that I thought was helpful. Get it for yourself and see what I mean. It's free so you aren't losing anything and you'll probably get a few laughs.

PS: If you don't have your own Squidoo account yet, go here to learn about Squidoo and get an account.