Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Go get the Cherry Picker Software beta for absolutely free. This is a program that analyzes keywords, much like Google Adwords tools, analyzes the top 10 Google competition for that keyword, kinda like you'd have to do by hand if you weren't using some software, and more.

I, personally, downloaded this then uninstalled it, but that's because I have a far more comprehensive program that I paid actual money for - and let me tell you, Market Samurai is worth every shiny penny I spent on it. But I'm not here to talk about Market Samurai, let's talk about Cherry Picker.

First off, it's a huge joke to suggest that this software is anywhere close to worth $10,000. If that's what Ryan Deiss, the creator of Cherry Picker, paid for something similar then, boy, you got had! Market Samurai is more comprehensive and costs just $149. In its infancy - when it had abilities similar to what Cherry Picker currently has - it was around $34 if I remember correctly.

As far as I can tell, this Cherry Picker program is basically a rip off of another free software called WebCEO that is an equally good program, older and as far as I can tell, more accurate.

Cherry Picker currently only analyzes the United States Google competition rather than the worldwide competition. While this might be useful if that's all you want to rank in, who wants to give up worldwide niches when they could easily get into one? Also, Market Samurai analyzes worldwide, US and anywhere else you want if you just specify what you're looking for.

Cherry Picker also has some inaccurate information. I did some comparisons for keywords I rank highly in and was told I had a 0 page rank on a page, when I know that page has a PR4. It also claimed some of these have no backlinks when they have at least 20 that I set out into the Internet on my own, not to mention any others that may have cropped up.

All in all, Cherry Picker is an okay little program for being a beta. As long as Ryan Deiss updates it and gets it working based on the complaints he's now receiving it will probably become something that rivals WebCEO - but only wishes it could grow up to be Market Samurai.

If you have the money, I'd recommend buying Market Samurai for its accuracy alone, nevermind all the dozens and dozens of extra features Cherry Picker will probably never offer.

If you don't want to spend money, I totally understand, as I waited until just this year to purchase Market Samurai. Previous to that I was using WebCEO and good old fashioned leg work and that's what I would recommend over Cherry Picker. The program is older, seems more comprehensive and already has all the bugs and kinks worked out.

If you just must have Cherry Picker then good luck and I hope the beta version gets ironed out fast. Really, I think my biggest aversion to it this whole 'it's worth $10,000 and I'm such a nice guy I'll give it for free' when many companies give away similar tools and tools with way more capabilities are sold for very cheap.

I really wish people wouldn't use such dirty marketing tactics.