Sunday, February 14, 2010

Staring at a screen all day long can make you prone to headaches. Dealing with those big companies that work with freelance writers is enough to give you migraines for months. And let's not forget all those work at home moms who have children screaming for supper when all they want is five more minutes to finish that latest article for $30.

There is help for overworked, overtaxed and under appreciated freelance writers. It comes in a little bottle with the name Excedrin on it. Just fill out the survey, don't say you use Excedrin, and you will be mailed a coupon for a free bottle of Excedrin.

If you say you use Excedrin you will receive a $2 off free printable coupon. Print it out if you just can't wait for your free bottle.


eHow100 said...

Hi Tara
Great looking blog!
I never had a headache writing until eHow stopped publishing my articles. If this problem isn't cleared up in a couple days then I'm all over the Excedrin offer.
I'm a follower now...and I'll be back!