Saturday, November 7, 2009

Writers, Are You Hungry?

Are you a starving writer? Did you spend all day writing on your blog, like me, and forget to make dinner? Hit up Dominos Pizza online and order some food.

This isn't completely free, but it's super cheap and you get a bunch of free items.

Order a pasta bread bowl (I'm totally in love with the chicken alfredo one), add two 20 oz. Coke products and one 2 liter Coke product.

Go to the checkout page. At the bottom is the option to add coupon codes.

Ebfc - Makes the 2 liter Coke product free.
Drinks - Makes the two 20 oz. Coke products free.
Cinnastix - Gets you free Cinnastix and icing with your order.

The order shouldn't be more than $9.50 (if you have it delivered). For many areas with low taxes and delivery fees, it will be under $9. It's a really good meal with a lot of leftovers for an unbeatable price.

Not all promotions are available in all areas. It varies by store participation.