Monday, October 26, 2009

Redgage: Backlink building

Redgage is a fun website that I was introduced to a few months ago. This site can be used to upload your own photos, set up small blog posts of your own, your videos, your documents and other things like this.

Most importantly, and most profitably for the freelance writer like yourself, this website allows you to post links to your content other places online. Now, not only is that a perfectly good backlink for search engines, but that's a way to earn money! That's right, at Redgage you get to earn money on all your content. It's not much. Really it's a very small amount per 1,000 views, but Redgage has daily, weekly and monthly competitions for additional money, gives additional money for featured content, etc. And hey, who's going to be picky about the fact that they can earn money just for posting a link to their own content?

Give Redgage a look. It's a really nice community, the creators are always around and ready, willing and able to help and you can get to see some pretty neat things if you're bored and browsing.

Want more information about Redgage and my opinions and experience with it? Check this site.